Nori's World
Nori sticking her tongue out happily

Welcome to Nori's World! Take some time to explore and learn more about Nori and dogs in general.

Fun Facts about Nori

Fun Fact 1

Nori sleeps in one of our beds each night. #PuppyCuddles! ♥

Fun Fact 2

Nori likes to chase chickens, but she once lost a fight to a chicken...

Fun Fact 3

Nori's a little scared of small dogs, but she loves tackling big dogs.

Fun Fact 4

Nori likes playing with her toys in front of the mirror.

Fun Fact 5

Nori's favorite toy is her green squeaky ball. (It used to be her tiger until she pulled all of the stuffing out.)

Fun Fact 6

Nori likes to chase and eat cockroaches and lizards.

Fun Fact 7

When Nori yawns her tongue sticks out at a right angle from her mouth.

Fun Fact 8

Nori loves going on trails and eating cat poop. (She's an odd puppy.)

Fun Fact 9

Nori likes to be with her people, but she greatly prefers dogs to other people.

Fun Fact 10

Nori can't smell other dogs on her people or food on the ground. (She licks everywhere in the kitchen to make up for it.)